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Clinical Hypnotherapy  - Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy

Michelle Hague Lecturer and Clinical Hypnotherapist Photo on 2011-08-09 at 12.42

Michelle works in the Coombe Lane Clinic.
 Helping to resolve stress and anxiety depression IBS CFS and ME fear and phobias and much more, but it isn't just for problems, hypnosis helps relax and increase confidence and self esteem; creativity and motivation too. Problems with writers block. Michelle has become well known for specialising in all Stress and Anxiety based conditions; Weight loss and helping to create a healthy lifestyle. 


Coombe Lane Clinic
Unit 2 Coombe Lane  Axminster Devon EX13 5AS

 Directions: For those who have already booked an appointment.
Park in the public car park at the bottom of Coombe Lane.  
Then walking from the bottom of Coombe Lane and turning right up Coombe lane look for the 8 Green doored garages which face each other on your left,  turn left between the garages and walk through the iron gates and across the courtyard.
Coombe Lane Clinic is on the far side of the courtyard. There is a sign on the wall by the door, please come in and take a seat in the waiting area. 


Contact Michelle
 07761 773563


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